“These are the best darn resin treated roller covers I have ever used!”


The industrial landscape of the United States is fascinating to me. The geographical differences and cultural similarities constantly compare and contrast in my mind as I travel country roads and state highways. As a Sales Engineer for Albarrie Process Control; a Canadian based engineered textile company, I sell nonwoven, high temperature felt products to the aluminum extrusion industry. These products replace old graphite technology with new highly efficient, very durable pads, belts, roller covers and spacer bar sleeves. By phasing out graphite, extruders enjoy mark free extrusions, a cleaner work environment and less waste. I am the face of this product and I travel from extrusion plant to extrusion plant loaded with samples, brochures and a will to make my customer’s product better. It is satisfying to feel like you are making a difference in a customer’s bottom line. I enjoy treating customer right and hearing;

“These are the best darn resin treated roller covers I have ever used!”

In these difficult times I see one commonality no matter where I travel. From post steel boom Ohio to the industrial outskirts of Miami, I see extruders buckling down, making hard decisions, adapting and surviving. This is exciting to me because of the symbiotic relationship I share with extruders. I think it is more meaningful for the bigger picture of manufacturing in North America; determined individuals working hard and looking to that light at the end of the tunnel.

– Nick Rossi
Lewiston, Maine


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