Removing graphite rollers from a plant


We were approached by a US Extrusion company to help remove graphite rollers from their plant. In the extrusion process, graphite has been used to support the aluminum extrusion downstream of the press. The problem is that graphite can transfer its carbon thus marking the extrusion which can make it hard to paint, anodize and weld. Also carbon dust will be removed from the slabs and could possibly expose workers to a fine airborne graphite and zircon silicate. We proposed two products to them, our fullback rollers to be installed at the beginning of the line, followed by our halfback rollers (sleeves) farther down. Both of these products are designed to with stand the high temperatures associated with the extrusion process without marking or damaging their product. The company purchased our product, installed them, and has reduced graphite marking. They are very impressed with the outcome, that they have asked us back to help redesign the lead out table with a similar product.

– Neil Chappell
Albarrie – Head Office


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