Olympics 2010


Do you Believe? The luge can travel down the track at a speed on average of 80 miles per hour (128 kilometers per hour). A downhill skier can travel at a speed of 156 miles per hour (251 kilometers an hour).  A ski jumper can jump on average 103 meters. Can I be an Olympian at the Games, I would like to believe. Has it been 4 years already since the last Olympics Games, it is hard to believe.  As I watch and admire the Olympians I wonder how much time and effort has been given for this one moment some lasting as little as 30 seconds. How many hours on the hill or on the ice, how many chocolate cakes at birthdays avoided, how many squats have been done, and the list goes on. It is amazing to see on  every olympian’s the sweat and joy showing on their face. I made it!!

Is it possible we turn every office and plant into an Olympic stadium making years of our sweat and tears shown in every piece of work we do, I believe this can be done. How many hours have we stayed after work, how many calls have we answered, how many hours have we spent travelling. My challenge(if you choose to accept it) is to believe you are an olympic hopeful working for that one moment where it is your time to shine. Take time to follow-up with customers, research new areas and fields in which your company could venture, listen to everyone’s questions and come up with the best answers possible. These are our opportunities to reach the best that we can be whether that be in sales, customer services or in production.  Good Luck to you all and remember do you believe!

– H. Corbett
APC Team


One Response to “Olympics 2010”

  1. MLefaive Says:

    I believe!

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