Tools of the Trade


Tools of the Trade

As an outside Salesperson there are a few things that I could not live without on the road. The first thing would be my almighty Blackberry. If this devise turned up missing, it would be like misplacing my thumb. Along with e-mails, internet and Brickbreaker, my Blackberry gives me something to be conveniently engrossed in. It allows me to avoid uncomfortable conversations with strangers in airports. Not everyone wants to hear surgery stories at 5:45 AM. GPS is another wonderful, wonderful invention for the traveling Salesperson.  It allows me to visit customers more efficiently and with little stress. I can also find any Waffle House, Barnes and Noble and In-and-Out Burger in a 100 mile radius (all are very important). The GPS will NOT tell you where the bad neighborhoods are, if you are on the right bridge in Pittsburgh, or if the cops are behind you. My IPod is indispensable now that most rental cars have an auxiliary input. I crank up some Zeppelin, Traffic or Cream and the miles melt away. I can also look at pictures of my dogs if I am feeling homesick. Along with the previously mentioned hardware, my rental car is stuffed with literature, samples and lots and lots of Coffee cups. I much prefer to meet my customers face to face than by e-mail or telephone. I would like to get back to the days of eye contact and a handshake. Armed with these items I will be visiting an extrusion plant near you.

– Nick Rossi
Lewiston office


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