2010 Winter Olympics


Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics are over, we can be very proud of our North America athletes. Between Canada and the United States, combined they received 63 metals in total which represented 24.4% of all available metals at the games held in Vancouver. Plus both countries attained 23 Gold metals out of the 86 different events held. Our athletes prepared hard for these games, and sacrificed a lot of time and potential income to be part of this historical event. The results of these winter games have shown that North America is still a strong area of the world, and the business world should follow the lead of this great performance. Support within this great area to grow our combined economies can benefit from the example these athletes have shown us. Always remember to work hard, push it to the limits and sacrifice, making coming out on top much easier but don’t despair if we cannot succeed in every sector. Be proud that you gave it your all and keep going for gold. If we stop we will be falling behind as almost certain the rest of the world will surpass us. We must not forget our Paralympics athletes; they will be starting their quest for Gold on March 12th, 2010.

Good Luck to all!

– N. Chappell


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