Creative Thinking


An interviewer presented a thought provoking scenerio to an applicant to determine how creatively he could think.  The scenerio described is as follows: one stormy night you are driving by a bus stop and notice three people; one is an elderly woman who appears to be in need of medical attention; the second is a good friend who once saved your life; and the third is a beautiful woman (or man) you believe could be the love of your life.  But here is the dilema, you are driving a sport’s car and only have room for one passenger.  To whom do you offer a ride?

Theoretically, there is no right or wrong answer.  But the answer which showed the best out of the box thinking was the applicant who came up with the solution to give the car keys to the old friend to drive the elderly woman to the hospital, and then he took the bus with the person believed to be his potential soul mate.  Someone who came up with that answer in the interview really covered all the bases morally and ethically as well as showing imaginative thinking, and got the job.

Why would a prospective employer want an employee to think creatively?  Because thinking creatively requires the ability to imagine something new and different along with an attitude of willingness to look in new directions and see possibiliies instead of obstacles.  We know in these difficult economic times that many of our traditional jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector, have been lost to economies that can produce goods for considerably less due to their lower labor and operational costs and sometimes lucrative government incentives.

Working for a manufacturer we are always searching for new applications for our non-woven textiles.

Whether considering new directions individually or in groups, we need to listen carefully to our customers as to how best we can assist with improving their products and processes.  Our long term sustainability requires we all strive to think creatively.

– S. Johnson


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