Spare a moment?


Got any spare time? If you work in a manufacturing industry then you probably don’t.  At least not enough spare time to hang out by the water cooling tank and talk American Idol for hours. With shrinking workforces and strained budgets, Maintenance and Purchasing people are often wearing many hats. As a Sales Engineer, it is my job to track down these busy men and women and get them to discuss what I have to offer. I have listed below five reasons to take the time out of your busy day and sit down with a “sales guy” such as myself.

#1) Show Me! Often custom applications for process control products are necessary. Are you sick of trying to explain to a customer service person on the phone what is right in front of you? Let’s stand right in front of the problem and find a solution.

#2) We actually have really great products. Unlike some other “sales guys” I am confident in the products I sell. Our products are made in North America from staple materials. I personally know the people who will be making these items. I see our products in use every week and I see how they save my customers time and money.

#3) Samples. Want to get a look up close at our products, brought right to your door or office? Want to see what out 10mm resin treated Kevlar roller looks like up close? No problem. This allows you to see and feel our product with your own eyes. You don’t have to take my word for it.

#4) Gifts! I often have neat golf balls, hats, pens, etc. Not only are these items useful, but can be re-gifted during the holiday season to coworkers and family alike.

#5) A chance to talk to someone from somewhere else. Questions about the state of Maine? I will do my best to answer however; I cannot guarantee the answers will be correct, unlike questions about our product line.

I understand that times are tough and spending is not the most popular thing to do, but the next time you hear “Nick from Albarrie” on your voicemail or see “Nick from Albarrie” in your waiting room, I would appreciate the opportunity to shake your hand. You might even get a new Coffee cup or some incorrect Maine trivia out of the deal.

– Lewiston Office


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