Yo Mamma!


To all of the Mothers out there, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day. If you are reading this and you have no idea what I am talking about, you seriously need to call your Mother immediately. And send flowers. Because you forgot Mother’s Day and you are in big trouble. I have prepared some facts about Mother’s Days from across the world that you might dazzle your Mother with. These facts may or may not help if you have already forgotten to call.

  • Mothers have enjoyed popularity all over the world, in every culture. The first Mother’s Day was thought to of been celebrated in Ancient Greece in the form of a festival to honor Cybele, Mother to the gods. This festival was held around the vernal equinox.
  • The tradition of Mother’s Day in the United States was started on February 28th 1909 as International Women’s Day.
  • Africa has had Mother’s day celebrations prior to European colonization.
  • In the 1920’s, due to an extremely low birth rate, Germany promoted Mother’s Day as an incentive for Mothers to have more children. In 1938, the government would give out awards know as the Mother’s Cross to all women who had four children or more.
  • Over the years Mother’s Day has swelled in popularity. It is now the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States.
  • According to IBISWorld, a publisher of business research, Americans will spend 2.6 billion dollars on flowers, 68 million on greeting cards. 7.8% of the US jewelry industry’s annual profits.

When purchasing a Mother’s Day gift you might consider certain factors. Were you a real pain as a Child? Do you still live with your Mom? Has she ever had to bail you out of the county jail? If any of that sounds like you, you might consider getting your mom something pretty nice. For instance, I was a real pain as a teenager and I once reduced her birdbath to rubble. Therefore she gets a designer bag. For all of the personal sacrifice it takes to be a mother, all of the unspeakable things that she had to clean up, we should really treat every day like it is Mother’s Day.

– N. Rossi, Lewiston Office


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