Staycation in Simcoe County Ontario


The term staycation has gained acceptance over the past few years as meaning to vacation at home.  Around 2007 during the early years of the recession the term gained in popularity when there was less travel due to tighter budgets and the higher price of gas.

It can mean a reduction in stress as you don’t need to plan as extensively as with a standard vacation, and travel time is saved getting to a destination.  Staycations should be less expensive than the average North American vacation which the American Automobile Association calculates at being $244/day for two people for food and lodging.   That $244 for one day could go a long way towards special meals dining in or out or visiting attractions around the community.

But it can become stressful if you decide to check your e-mail from home, or if your employer decides to call you about a work related matter, or worse yet; if you are called in to work due to an emergency because you are not away.

Also, if there are chores around the house that you have been putting off this could either be an excellent time to take care of them; or maybe you would just like to forget them.  So it could be more stressful if you find yourself looking at them more frequently than usual.

But personally I can’t imagine a better staycation and place to be in summer than Simcoe County with its abundance of parks, recreational facilities, tennis courts, golf courses, walking and biking trails and outdoor festivals.   Not to mention how spoiled we are with so many beautiful lakes with clean water for boating, swimming, fishing and other water related activities.

My brother and sister-in-law recently purchased a vacation home in Palm Springs which sounds wonderful for certain times of the year.  However, right now it averages 45°C during the day with no outside water other than that found in swimming pools.  And I don’t think you will find the population of Palm Springs enjoying outdoor activities in the summer other than those around a swimming pool.

Welcome summer and staycation for those who live here and to those people who will travel to vacation here.

– Sue Johnson
Albarrie Head Office
Ontario, Canada


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