Where are they coming from?


That’s right I am talking about those extra pounds that have creeped up on you. We are told everyday that weight gain, especially office weight gain is happening to us all. Don’t get me wrong I am as much to blame as the next person for those afternoon trips to the vending machine or indulging in those meeting muffins, donuts and cookies. Currently I am writing this article to try and take my mind off the Pringles sitting beside me. I am sure you are wondering how exactly does writing about Pringles actually take your mind off Pringles, well in fact it doesn’t, my mission has failed. It is good to know I am not alone in this forever battle, a survey conducted by Career Builders shows that overall, 44 percent of workers say they have gained weight in their current jobs, up slightly from 43 percent in 2009. Out of those who confessed to on-the-job weight gain, 28 percent reported an increase of more than 10 pounds and 12 percent said they gained more than 20 pounds.The survey was conducted from February 10th through March 2nd , 2010 among more than 4,800 workers.

So why does going to work make us fat? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Work-related stress
  • Sitting at a desk most of the day
  • Eating out regularly
  • Workplace celebrations (potlucks, birthdays,  etc.)
  • Skipping meals because of time constraints

Just when you thought all was lost there are ways you can combat work-related weight gain. Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources for CareerBuilder has the following tips to help reduce your chance of packing on the pounds at work:

  • Create a schedule for your workday – If you are like me you do not know where you will be from one moment to the next but after consulting with a personal trainer I found out it is not good to go for several hours (let alone 5-6 hours) without eating. So in order to keep a working schedule I suggest setting up alerts in your calendar to notify you when to eat.
  • Bring your own lunch – If you are like me saving money is the number one priority. By bringing healthy choices (apples, pears, oranges, beans, peas, lentils) you will reduce the urge to head for the vending machine or eat the meeting muffins. Most of all you will save money!!
  • Bring a Friend– Peer pressure has been proven to persuade or change people’s behaviour. Therefore, by joining co-workers in the battle of the bulge you will be able to conquer your demons.
  • Bite the Bullet – After a long day of sitting at a desk the last thing you want to do is get on a treadmill although, every little bit of activity helps when it comes to preventing weight gain. If this doesn’t work for you try going for a walk at lunch or taking the stairs.

So, on that note, now that I’ve eaten the whole can of Pringles… tomorrow, I’m definitely hitting the gym!

– Holly Corbett
Albarrie Head Office


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