Where do you want to work?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an aluminum extrusion press in your living room or a cutting machine in your dining room?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work from home, unfortunately, not all jobs are transferable to your home office?  As technologies advance and our lives change we will always be faced with the same endeavors whether it be where to hold the next office meeting or conference, how to reduce paper costs or should we start working from our home offices.     

After reviewing the results of a survey released by the Conference Board of Canada stating the top 10 major workplace changes leaders should be prepared to face by 2020, you often wonder are many organizations feeling the effects of the changing work force. Are you thinking to yourself “oh that is still 10 years away” so I don’t need to worry about falling behind. Well so was the year 2000 and recall the hoopla of Y2K. Much has changed since the 90’s and the way we do business, for example, workplace meetings, once held only in the office are now being held by conference calls or even over the internet reducing time, energy and of course costs. What about the need to go wireless or paperless, these are slowly becoming investments business are faced with. Much the same way those before us were faced with computers, cell phones, fax machines and pagers. If anything we will never be able to leave our work whether we are at home, office, gym or even the dentist. Thus by having a cell phone that receives calls, text, video call, picture messages, connects to the internet, takes pictures, generates maps and so on and so forth. It is impossible to say we were away from a phone, or I was outside, everything is available at your finger tips (literally). Projects that are being discussed and researched in Australia can be shared instantaneously throughout the world by the push of a button, making communications readily available from your home office or even at a resort in Cancun. Making the physical location of offices irrelevant, the only problem is manufacturing organizations will need the man power to complete the job. You never know maybe in the year 2020 we will be able to roll out of bed and start a machine who knows what will be available, it is only a day away!



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