Driven or Passive Rollers | Aluminum Extrusion


Driven or Passive Rollers

In the Aluminum Extrusion Industry, a debate is arising on what type of roller system to be use on the run out table, either a driven or passive type. There is no definite answer because both systems have merit and all points should be taken into consideration before making such a decision.

1)    Press size and type, either indirect or direct?

2)    If a puller is used, and what type?

3)    Type of profiles being extruded?

4)    Interfacing between rollers and either transfer arms or transfer belts?

5)    FPM down run out table before and after extrusion is cut?

6)    Do you have a flying cutoff saw?

These points are some points to be considered, but the benefit of either PBO(Zylon®) or Kevlar® rollers will always be superior to graphite type to help improve surface quality and prevent marking on the extrusions as the run down the table.

– by N. Chappell
Albarrie Head Office


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