A Short List of Aluminum Extruded Products


As my employer manufactures the roll goods as well as the fabricated high temperature handling products for the aluminum extrusion industry, I thought it would be of interest to consider some of the various uses of aluminum extruded products.   Aluminum is a lightweight but strong metal which does not rust and is easily welded, finished or painted.

Stepping into the shower  I notice the frame for the glass doors is constructed of extruded aluminum.   Extruded aluminum frames for horizontal sliders, windows and doors are widely used in residential and commercial buildings.

Most of the fences and gates I see are wood or steel ones, but I have seen some made of aluminum. These would typically come painted from the factory.  I am also aware of extruders producing hurricane shutters for residential and commercial use in the South/Southwest.

Electronic extruded parts can be found in computers, printers, scanners, TV’s, radios and video equipment.

Another industry where aluminum extrusions are used is sports and recreation.  Extruded parts can be found as ski bindings, tennis racquets and frames for boat covers.

Aluminum extrusions are also widely found in the automotive, aerospace and recreational vehicle industries.

The above are only a few of the industries and products supplied by aluminum extruders.

– by Sue Johnson
Albarrie Head Office


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    useful and very informative posting about aluminum Extruded products

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