Albarrie Welded Spacer Bar Covers


For most aluminum extruders, the use of covers for the protection of extruded shapes in ageing ovens is a necessity. Especially for extruders that powder coat or anodize, a temperature resistant sleeve that is soft enough to protect a delicate finish but tough enough to resist wear and tear is a must.

Albarrie offers spacer bar cover in two styles of construction; sewn seam and welded seam. The sewn sleeve is traditionally constructed using a matching, high temperature thread. The welded construction is the method that generates the most questions and skepticism because it is not a process that is well known outside of the nonwovens industry. The welding of nonwoven fabrics is a tried and true method of high strength bonding. It is a process that has been used for critical applications such as the filtration, geotextile and medical industries. It is from our expertise in industries such as these that we are able to draw from our experiences and offer advanced products and processes for the extrusion industry. Albarrie has thousands of welded spacer bar sleeves in service all over North America and we have found that the bond is at the very least equal to our stitched counterpart. They also have the added benefit lying flatter than the stitched sleeves.

Possibly the greatest benefit of welding is the savings that we are able to pass along to our customers. Without the additional cost of thread we are able to offer our welded sleeves at a lower cost than our sewn sleeves and therefore improve extruders’ bottom line. The combination of our own needle felt using staple fibers and our welding technology, we make it possible to put a premium product in our customers’ hands (and ageing ovens). As important as the seam technology is, the actual material used in our covers is where the rubber meets the road. We use only our own material needled in our Barrie, Ontario facility, manufactured from the best staple fibers the world has to offer. In this case we use 100% Nomex manufactured by the US based DuPont corporation. Every spacer bar’s material and seam is manufactured under our very noses by people who very much care about our product and reputation. If you would like to see this technology for yourself please contact us for a sample.


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