Merits of a Driven Extrusion Roller


The extrusion roller has been in use for some time now, replacing older systems such as flight conveyor or graphite tables. The advantage of a roller is its ability to turn when the aluminum is being push or pulled across the surface. The only problem with a roller is that the surface may flatten out over time, thus prevent the roller to turn, or the bearings have seized due to various conditions that can exist with the operation.
The driven roller then can be a huge plus because of the following points.

1) Positive rotation of the roller at all times
2) Rollers can be stop so that the extrusion can be moved onto the batching belts easily.
3) Helps prevent the surface from decomposing when the hot extrusions are in contact with surface.
4) Indexing for transfer arms can be easily done when the rollers have been stopped.
5) Speed of rollers can be matched to the press exit linear footage speed.

Choosing this option for the run out table of your extrusion press along with Kevlar or PBO rollers over graphite can help produce a better quality aluminum product and help reduce scrap and along with downtime and runtime. Therefore your yield out of each ingot will increase. Contact us at for any questions.

Prepared by Neil Chappell
Albarrie head office – Barrie, Ontario


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