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Factoid Friday

November 26, 2010

Did you know that recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to keep a 100

watt bulb burning for almost four hours or provide enough power to a

television for three hours?


Factoid Friday

November 19, 2010

Endless High temperature conveyor belt can also be used to speed production and reduce cost by limiting scratches to finished profiles, again something quite difficult to do in the traditional machine, weld or press part fabrication.

Factoid Friday

November 12, 2010

The use of superior high temperature rollers reduces rework time, something which is extremely difficult to do with any other metal fabrication process.


Not Just Extrusion, You Know

November 5, 2010

If you have been following this blog, you already know that Albarrie makes some of the best extrusion handling products in the world. However, many of my customers are not aware that we are a very dynamic, multifaceted company with products in many vital industries. Our versatility is what allows us to progress and think beyond just one product line or market.

Filtration: With ever tightening environmental legislation Albarrie has been a leader in filter bag technology.  With the unique ability to manufacture our own fabric we are able to provide filter bags made out of advanced materials such as PPS, P84, Polyox, Aramid, Polyester, Acrylic, Polypropylene and Basalt volcanic rock fibres and combinations thereof.  We offer expert consultation as well as a unique bag cleaning service.

Geotextiles: Our heavy weight nonwoven geotextiles are used in application such as erosion control, drainage protection and separation and railroad stabilization.

Sorbweb: Like our filtration division, this product was developed to meet increasing environmental concerns. Sorbweb is a geocomposite that seals when it comes in contact with hydrocarbons while allowing water to pass through. This allows for the protection of areas surrounding oil filled devices like transformers and capacitors. Compared with the cost and environmental impact associated with oil spills, this is a very valuable product.

Process Control: You are probably familiar with our Defender Series of aluminum extrusion products, but did you know that we also offer machinable Kevlar composites, aluminized fiberglass, heat blankets and carpet manufacturing material? We can meet nearly any high or low temperature nonwoven need.  

                While you may know us from our roller covers, spacer bar sleeves, endless belts and resin treated padding, I hope you might think of us the next time you drive by an asphalt plant, transformer or a really nice embankment.  It’s due to our extensive fabric technology and knowhow that we make such great extrusion products.

Factoid Friday

November 5, 2010

Parts made with sand and permanent-mold casting often require extensive finishing before use. Aluminum extruding produces a wrought structure with relatively close dimensional control. Also, as parts get more complex, casting mold costs rise far more repidly than extrusion dies. Generally, extrusion dies are rather inexpensive. Further, extrusion dies can be finished with less lead time than forming dies and casting molds.