Forward-thinking Designers Look to Extruded Aluminum for Sustainability


Reading issues of “Light Metal Age” and the “AEC Buyers’ Guide”, I have noticed several articles featuring innovative as well as sustainable designs.  Designs sponsored by Hydro Aluminum North America have received cash as well  as scholarship awards in the International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition.

As aluminum can be recycled indefinitely and is durable, strong, light weight and corrosion resistant, it provides an ideal design metal for sustainable, innovative products. 

One design which I found attractive was a light weight sport trailer/camper manufactured from extruded aluminum weighing approximately 700 lbs. that can betowed behind almost any vehicle.  After you tow your gear in the trailer (ATV, canoe, motorcycle, or other) and unload at your favorite recreational site, a 2-person tent can be assembled on the frame of the trailer.1

Some additional sustainable designs included the extensive use of solar panels for industrial and commercial use, an electric street motorcycle with an aluminum frame, a hydrokinetic electrical generating device with a free-flow turbine lowering the need for starting motors and a 100% recyclable laptop computer.

We at Albarrie are proud to provide the aluminum extrusion industry with high temperature handling felts to improve the surface finish of the extruded profiles which are found in new, innovative products as well as ones commonly in use such as window and door frames.

 1 Designers Focus on Sustainability: Highlights from the 2008 Aluminum Extrusion Design

Competition”, AEC Buyers’ Guide 2008-2009:  34-35.


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