Getting Ready for ET 2012




As you all probably know, ET ’12 is in Miami this year. So if you are anything like me, you are de-mothballing your white suit, buying a fresh selection of pastel colored t-shirts and playing rock, paper scissors with your coworkers to decide who is going to be Crockett and who will be Tubbs.

                We are working on the usual trade show preparations. Making sure that our displays look spiffy and that we have the best booth location possible are at the top of the list. The ET shows being so far apart relative to other industry trade shows insures that those in attendance will be bringing their “A’ game. I feel that this is certainly a benefit. With annual shows, it seems like there is more of a potential for stagnation and it becomes tempting to say, “ahhh, we’ll do it next year”. With four years to plan between ET’s you can expect a focused effort from all major industry players. You can bet that we will be following suit with new products and fresh ideas for your handling system. It is a real treat to have many of our customers in one room and we are looking to forward to hear about your experiences and thoughts.


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